Project will deliver three Intellectual Outputs

IO1 - "From the Laboratory to the City" - Training Format

The Output will be a training format based on non formal education applied to science. It will be dedicated to at researchers aged 35+ and shared with wider audience of educational institutions and professionals interested in conveying specific sectoral knowledge and skills. Training will be focused on three main areas: non formal education, mentoring and co-design.

The material is available here:

Survey assessing the training program for educators working with seniors

IO2 - "Science for Active Aging" - Toolkit

The manual will be a tangible result issued from the co-design process between researchers and partner organizations trainers, providing an efficient and concrete instrument targeted at elder adult learners which will be framed and structured in order for its contents to be usable and understandable for the target of adult learners.

Survey assessing a toolkit for educators working with seniors

IO3 - "Science in your life" - Game APP

The game APP is one of project main educational elements and mean of sustainability and is expected to have a great impact towards a wide range of target groups. The game will permit the simulation of different scenarios regarding the use of science in a person daily life.

Link for users:

Game evaluation survey for users and trainers